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Getting things done.

We live in a system of systems. It is most important to me that Greenville County Council focuses not just on each component of our County infrastructure separately, but the whole SYSTEM -- the way individual gears work in a  wristwatch.  Improving the whole SYSTEM - not just any ONE issue - will help move us forward into the 21st century.


Systems change is fiscally responsible. Consider this


According to the Economic Policy Institute, the following levels reflect the cost of living in Greenville County:

  • One (1) adult with no children is $35,115

  • One (1) adult, one (1) child, it is $51,861

  • Two (2) adults and one (1) child it is $64,156 

  • Two (2) adults and two (2) children it is $73,813

However, these were the median wages in Greenville County, per the American Communities Survey in 2018:

  • $29,906 for a non-family

  • $63,437 for a family

  • $51,015 for a household

When our systems do not account for how housing, transportation, childcare, healthcare, and the environment work together, we are failing to be fiscally responsible by excluding economic mobility and prosperity for us all. 

Click on one of the gears in our local system to learn more about how we can work better in Greenville County! 

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