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In 2020, I ran for Greenville County Council because I wanted to get things done for Greenville County - District 24. 


For too long, many of the issues important to D24 voters have been ignored. 


For a dozen years, they have asked their leaders

 to improve affordable housing and reliable transportation,

but have been met with excuses for why progress was not possible.  


I wanted to listen. I wanted to learn. And then I wanted to lead us forward. 


When you cast your votes for me, you did so for a candidate who did not want to waste a dozen years of your confidence, trust, and hope. 


My goal was to bring people together and get things done. 


For you. For all of us.

My 2020 platform is below. 


People Clapping

We are a stronger County when we are inclusive and equitable. Let’s make a Greenville County that works for everyone.


Residential Housing Complex

We’ve made progress on affordable housing in District 24, but there is much more to do.  I’ll keep this issue front and center, and collaboratively set priorities and drive for results.



We need to ensure that every person living in District 24 and all of Greenville County has access to reliable transportation that allows them to fully connect with and contribute to our community.  Transportation should not be a barrier to our personal or community’s progress.


Amanda McDougald Scott Childcare

Greenville County has been named as the top "childcare desert" in the state of SC. 


If neither the State nor Federal government will act, it is an economic imperative for us to become innovative and create solutions on a County level.


Young Male Nurse

If we are not assuring

access to the fundamental,

basic needs of

human existence,

we are not ensuring

the right to life, liberty,

and the pursuit of happiness.



Greenville County has an excellent comprehensive plan based on public input.  I commit to to implementing the plan. We must join with the existing Upstate organizations whose missions are to improve the water, land, and air-- to ensure a better tomorrow

for our children. 

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