This year will be remembered for the way COVID-19 has disrupted our lives by closing our schools, shuttering our businesses, and impacting our incomes. 


 Greenville County could have done more to prevent our community from having some of the highest rates of infection in the state by  enacting a mask ordinance. County Council could have acted more judiciously and expediently in distributing the federal CARES funding ($90,000,000). We were the only county in the state to receive this funding intended to prevent people from losing their utilities, homes, jobs, and food.


County Council can still act now if they choose to do so. And should. 

We can still work to slow the spread by maintaining social distance, wearing our masks, and washing our hands.

Let's continue  to put the health of our community first.


Let's enact a mask ordinance and reopen our community responsibly. 


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