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Kindergarten readiness is workforce readiness.  This is relevant not just for children, but also for  families and employers.  Research indicates that quality child care leads to a more proficient and social-emotionally competent workforce. 


Child care is an essential part of infrastructure.  As we continue to cultivate jobs and growth in Greenville County, we need to ensure our future parents --- as well as our present-day ones -- are provided for.


Access to high- quality, affordable care for their young children enables 25,818 parents to work, increasing workforce productivity and family incomes by over $1 billion annually. Conversely, the inability of some parents to access dependable child care costs the South Carolina economy $900 million in foregone wages and absenteeism.

 To achieve a culture of health and equity, we have to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive. In order to make sure that can happen, we need a supportive community that embraces everyone, and showing up for our caregivers is an essential part of that.   I see the child care system every day, and the love that the child care providers pour into the most precious person in my life, my 3 (almost 4-) year old son. I could not work on the things I do, each day, without them. I know that their basic needs are not being met, and that they have to live in poverty because of their low-wages;  I will fight to improve the lives who those who protect our children’s.

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