I'm Amanda McDougald Scott.



Dear friends,


I am running to be our next Greenville County Council representative for District 24. I am running because I love my community, and I believe that every member of it deserves to be heard.


I have spent my career researching what makes communities thrive, and I will work with you to enact people-centered, data-driven policies so that we can all succeed. 


I am passionate about service, which I learned from my grandmother, Rose McDougald, in rural North Carolina. Grandmama taught me that friends and neighbors were part of a larger family, and sometimes they required our help. She taught me to listen while I serve, just as she listened to her neighbors and to me. 

Election to a public office is an honor. It demands someone who thinks about every person living in all parts of our district, not just the most convenient areas. It requires someone who returns calls to every number, not just to those that are saved in our phones. It necessitates someone who wants to serve others and the greater good,  not just political aspirations. We should insist on representation by someone who considers all of us.


I am a mother of a young child, wife, friend, advocate and neighbor; I want to serve Greenville County to make it a place we all can call home for all generations of families.


I want to hear from you, serve you, and bring people together to get things done for everyone in Greenville County.


in the Community


Bringing people together.

Getting things done.  


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